Vincent Péclet & Miriam Kosir

Vincent Péclet

CH  35 years old

Miriam Kosir

CA  28 years old
Part 1: Backpacking adventures in South East Asia and Part 2: Cycling trip across New Zealand. Approximate time of travel: 5 months. Vincent likes to play games (carries a red ball in his bag), to take pictures and experiment new languages. He is allergic to selfie-sticks. Miriam likes to pet animals ("c'est chou le chat!"), to cook vegetarian dishes and to draw things she sees on the way. She is allergic to mosquito-repellent.

Cycling New Zealand 17

January-March 2017  •  45 days  •  1 815 km

Cycling around New Zealand - January to March 2017 Contact number in NZ: +64 27 497 3556 (Vincent)